4 Military Flags That Proudly Fly On Memorial Day

4 Military Flags That Proudly Fly On Memorial Day - Great Idea for Gifts for Men Women

Memorial Day happens at the end of May but it’s a tradition among folks to observe it the whole month with military flags. If you are looking for a memorial flag to decorate your home, office, or school in May 2022 — take this review as your flag guide.

Yes. Below are the 20 best-selling military flags (made by Flagwix) to show your respect and pride toward the service members who died in their line of duty. Besides, you’ll also have a chance to learn more about the military branches through this post.

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Top 4 Military Flags To Remember Fallen Service Members

#1 US Army Veteran Flag

The flag’s olive green color with camo pattern is eye-catching while still retaining the Memorial Day spirit. To remind the public of which service branch you are honoring, the Army Star logo is absolutely needed. The flag also shows your appreciation in both May and November because of its message (for Veterans Day).

This is a house flag with an approximate size of 29.5” x 39.5”. It should attach perfectly to any flagstaff with just quick and easy installation. You can hang it on a porch, a patio, or a tree branch in the yard. Without a flagstaff, it would look beautiful on the wall.

#2 This We’ll Defend Flag

If you want something more prominent to fly proudly on the vertical flagpole, you should consider this option. The flag comes with grommets in order for you to mount it into the halyard. It is made with an additional goal to fly at half-staff in the mourning moments.

In terms of design, Flagwix incorporates a well-known Army statement into this design to paint a picture of what message you want to spread. If you are in the US Army, you’ll know they say “This we’ll defend” as an official pledge. And the message is no doubt about the Army’s mission of protecting the United States and its civilians.

#3 We Will Never Forget Flag 

Fly this 3×5 flag as a tribute to the Armed Forces’ fallen service members!

This flag honors those who gave their lives for America, with a touch of red, white, and blue – the colors of Memorial Day.

The military flags are all made of canvas, which is heavy-duty and weather-resistant. We also only use premium ink to achieve exceptional color vibrancy and art details. People will notice if there is text on it right away!

#4 The American Veteran Military Flag

If you have lost a family member who served in the military, this flag is a fitting tribute. It is beautiful how it pays homage to the deceased with quotes and images that remind us of their service. Yes — the nation’s peace and stability have been exchanged with blood, sweat, and tears.